The daughter of jailed former Ukrainian premier Yulia Tymoshenko urged Western nations Thursday to impose sanctions on officials involved in her mother’s imprisonment.

Tymoshenko, the country’s top opposition leader, is serving a seven-year prison sentence on charges of abuse of office after a trial that was condemned by the West as politically motivated and which strained Ukraine’s ties to Europe and the United States. Tymoshenko denies the charges and accuses President Viktor Yanukovych, her longtime foe, of orchestrating the trial to bar her from politics.

With Tymoshenko in jail, Ukraine’s fragmented opposition forces were unable to muster a majority in parliament following an election in October, and Yanukovych’s allies again control the legislature and the government.


In an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, Tymoshenko’s daughter Eugenia, 32, said prosecutors and judges involved in her mother’s case should face Western sanctions such as travel bans and freezes on bank accounts.

“We understand that we cannot do it by ourselves inside Ukraine and that is why we need great international support, but also (an) understanding of our international friends that Yanukovych will not just voluntarily give up his power,” Eugenia Tymoshenko said in her mother’s office in central Kiev. “People like judges, like prosecutors … they have to be put forward for sanctions. Those are the main executors of repression. Of course, there are people behind them who are in the ruling party, but it could be the first step.”

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Defense team of Yulia Tymoshenko are waiting for European court of human rights decision. Eugenia Tymoshenko told that decision of European court of human rights is expected to be similar to the decision in the case of Yuriy Lutsenko which normally specifies that the Lutsenko has to be placed into the same circumstances as he had when his rights were breached.

“This means that Lutsenko and my mum – if her ruling is the same – should be free people,” she says. “This gives real basis for the Council of Europe to demand the immediate release of my mother and Mr. Lutsenko.”

Eugenia understands that ukrainian goverment can try to ignore this decision like the ukrainian authorities do with similar decision in case of Lutsenko. He was awarded 15,000 euros in compensation but the government, however, has failed to act on this ruling: “It can lead to the point when the Cabinet of Ministers of the Council of Europe will have to specify how this decision must be fulfilled in Ukraine,” said Eugenia.

But she hopes it’s possible that with pressure from the West, her mother will walk free.

It should be noted that the European court of human rights may order the goverment to release Yulia Tymoshenko and other political prisoners in Ukraine.

In May 2011, Eynulla Fatullayev, a well-known investigative journalist and editor in chief of two of Azerbaijan’s most popular independent newspapers, was pardoned and released from prison after serving four years on charges of defamation, terrorism, tax evasion, and drug possession. His case had received widespread international attention. Fatullayev had been reporting on the government’s failure to solve the 2005 murder of his colleague at the Monitor, Elmar Huseynov, when he was arrested and found guilty of threatening terrorism and inciting ethnic hatred. He was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison. In July 2010, Fatullayev was sentenced to another two and a half years behind bars on the spurious charge of drug possession inside prison. The European Court of Human Rights ordered the government to release him. He was freed a year later

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Mr. Arch Puddington is responsible for the publication of Freedom in the World and other research publications, and for the development of new research and advocacy programs. He is vice president for research at Freedom House.

Mr. Arch wrote an article about Skadden report on the Tymoshenko case in Freedom House blog. Recently I noted that Yanukovych’s regime tries to threaten to the U.S. goverment. So, now we have the expert’s conclusion.

Vice president Arch Puddington criticised american lawers of Skadden firm because of disregard the political aspects of the case:

American lawyers have often played an admirable role in assisting new democracies as they overhaul their legal systems. By giving even a qualified stamp of approval to the courtroom technicalities of a case whose overarching objective smells strongly of political revenge, Skadden Arps has made a regrettable departure from this praiseworthy tradition

He was surprized at the poverty of arguments of Skadden’s leading member Gregory Craig, who was White House counsel in the Obama administration. Mr. Arch rebuked to Gregory Craig who leaves “to others the question of whether this prosecution of Tymoshenko was politically motivated”:

“Others” have reached the conclusion that the prosecutions of Tymoshenko and her fellow Orange leaders were politically driven. Perhaps the best example is a report issued after the recent Ukrainian parliamentary elections by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). In a sharply worded critique of the elections, the ODIHR pointed first and foremost to the fact that Tymoshenko and another Orange figure, Yuriy Lutsenko, had been imprisoned and could not play a leadership role in the opposition campaign. Furthermore, additional cases have been brought against Tymoshenko, including one implicating her in murder. As matters now stand, Yanukovych seems resolute in arranging things so that his nemesis will spend the rest of her life behind bars




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EPP summit

Eugenia Tymoshenko, daughter of unjustly imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, says the EU Council’s conclusions on Ukraine adopted December 10 by the meeting of EU foreign ministers sets out clear conditions for the signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

“My mother’s position hasn’t changed: the association agreement should be signed, and it will be signed, the only question is when. The answer to this question was outlined by the European politicians in the conditions put forward in the resolutions and the conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council, and also the declaration of the EPP. Now this has created a platform for the Ukrainian state, for official Kyiv, for the president, on how to proceed under these conditions,” Eugenia Tymoshenko said in Brussels, Belgium at the European People’s Party Summit.

She also concluded that EPP’s summit is the event on which Tymoshenko has got help of her european friends.


Good day, dear readers! I do hope you’re feeling good now!

Maybe say you heard about hard talks on political repressions in Ukraine. Or you have no idea about what I say!? However, the former Ukrainian prime-Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and dozen of members of her goverment were jailed for a long term. Have you ever really aware why such problems disturbs societies and countries or, in the contrary, why people are passive in manifestation of compassion.

Of course, the main problem is inside hearts and minds of ukrainian sitizens. Here in Ukraine we have two main ukrainian groups which have differences in perception of Ukraine as a homeland. This differences are not ethnical but historical. And they often become a product of fraudulent officials work.

For example, western ukrainians are receptive to Stepan Bandera as hero of ukrainian liberation movement in 1940-50-ies. But eastern ukrainians was educated entirely to bad perception of such person. Also eastern ukrainians like russian language when western citizens prefer ukrainian. To get a higher support in west Ukraine president Yushenko gave the hero titul for Stepan Bandera in 2009 and president Yanukovych and his party for good result on parliamentary elections approved the law in which russian has a status of regional language. They spit on the Constitution and the laws. The most of their subordinates do the same. They take away all what they want. Thus, Ukraine are broke. Ukrainian society are in trouble.

This trouble is increasing. Political and finicial groups became more brazen in their acts. We have “dog racing” in politics, in finances etc. And the top of violations is imprisonment of political opponents of Ukrainian president Yanukovych and his goverment. Now Ukraine still have a chance to turn back to civilized human being. Civilized human being is the main reason for ukrainian society to free Yulia Tymoshenko.

In the same time, to start changes to better Ukraine Yanukovych must free Yulia Tymoshenko and other political prisoners.  Yulia Tymoshenko’s release is more advantageous for Yanukovych and other ukrainian politicians than they can imagine. Otherwise, they will be judged by one another in their “democratic” judiciary system or be judged (or even killed) by crouds. This is the main reason for ukrainian authorities and their supporters to free Yulia Tymoshenko.  Time is out…

Taras A. Vasiliev, Donets’k

Free Yulia

On monday world’s media were overcrowded with Renat Kuzmin’s proclamation to U.S. President Barak Obama. Ukrainian First Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin’s 5-year multiple entry U.S. visa had been revoked and he hastened to accuse former U.S. Congressman Jim Slattery in using personal relationships with the head of the U.S. State Department, Mrs. Hillary Clinton to lobby Tymoshenko’s interests in the U.S. Congress and before the State Department. But the U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said that Renat Kuzmin did not meet the criteria for the Immigration and Nationalization Act, which guides when U.S. can issue visas: “Our efforts to date with the Government of Ukraine have been to use our diplomatic engagement with them to urge them to change course, to stop political prosecutions, to release former Prime Minister Tymoshenko, and to better protect the democratic reputation of Ukraine, if you will. So that’s the policy that we are following at the moment. Obviously, the kind of measures that you’re proposing are possible, but that’s not where we are right now”.

However, it looks like the Ukrainian authorities ignored the response of the U.S. goverment. On Friday they didn’t allow Tymoshenko’s lawer Sergiy Vlasenko to go on session of European court of human rights and in doing in this way they continued to accuse the U.S. goverment. The application of such measure actually now is a sign of bad taste in international relations even if the ukrainian authorities has a foundation for Vlasenko’s restrictions in movement.

Maybe this occasion isn’t significant. But the ukrainian goverment is based on powerful financial clans. They have enough strength to engage big U.S. firms to investigate criminal cases in Ukraine. On Thursday in a report commissioned by the government of Ukraine, a team of American lawyers has concluded that important legal rights of the jailed former prime minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, were violated during her trial last year on charges of abusing her official power, and that she was wrongly imprisoned even before her conviction and sentencing.

The lawyers, led by President Obama’s former White House counsel, Gregory B. Craig, concluded that Ms. Tymoshenko was denied legal counsel at “critical stages” of her trial and that at other times her lawyers were wrongly barred from calling relevant witnesses.

But these lawers also concluded absence of political motivations in “gas case” against Tymoshenko. So the U.S. goverment obtained the opponent inside the U.S. At the December 13 press briefing in Washington, DC Spokesperson of State department Victoria Nuland has said: “By confining themselves to simply looking at the paper trial records and ignoring the larger political context in which the trial took place, our concern is that Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom lawyers were obviously not going to find political motivation if they weren’t looking for it.” Victoria Nuland stressed that the U.S. administration’s position on selective prosecutions in Ukraine remains unchanged: “Whoever commissioned this study, whatever the mandate for the study was, it was incomplete and doesn’t give an accurate picture.”

So, it’s possible that U.S. authorities will must to apply visa sanctions or to freeze the accounts of the ukrainian officials for the security of the U.S.