The voters (citizens of Ukraine) did not vote for their representatives in government with new power, for new constitutional system and for additional term for representatives. Therefore the current authorities are regarded as illegitimate by overwhelming majority of ukrainians.

Viktor Yanukovych appropriated authority.  Immediately, as he rebuilded the system of government, Yanukovych gained control over all branches of power.  Although according to the statement of Constitutional Court of Ukraine such manipulations must be considered as unconstitutional: “The Constitution of Ukraine prohibits usurpation of the right to determine and to change the constitutional system. Therefore any intentions directed on usurpation of the right to determine and change the constitutional system of Ukraine (which belongs exclusively to the people) are unconstitutional and illegal. The mandatory results of the people’s will are determined in the Constitution and laws of Ukraine in form of direct democracy. ” The Constitutional Court of Ukraine doesn’t mention the Constitutional reform of 2004 year as unconstitutional.

There is only one way for legalization authorities in Ukraine and their power.  It should be snap parliamentary and presidential elections in Ukraine, where voters (citizens of Ukraine) will be able to appoint their representatives with competence and term in current legislation according to standards of human rights and fundamental freedoms. It may to prevent cases of usurpation of power.

Ukraine has illegitimate authorities. The only way is a complete change of authorities. Everything else is nothingness.

In such case Oleksandr Tymoshenko (husband of ukrainian Ex-PM) discribed situation in Ukraine for