Tymoshenko’s daughter visited Vienna on thursday. In her interview for European media she said about the situation in Ukraine.
Commenting for  Tiroler Tageszeitung the ukrainian parliamentary elections campaign, Eugenia urged EU to recognize elections as undemocratic now. Tymoshenko also suggested that non-peaceful revolution can occur after the 28th of October. As an example, she assumed outbreak in a small industrial city. Eugenia pointed out that the ukrainians will fight for their freedom, and the government continues to show itself as unpeaceable. Tymoshenko’s daughter also said about numerous violations of freedom, the closure of independent media, etc.
Eugenia also told Die Presse that her mother is under tremendous psychological pressure because of surveillance. Yulia Tymoshenko feels pain in her back.
Journalists asked if Eugenia plans to become a politic. Tymoshenko younger denied the existence of such ambitions