Yulia Tymoshenko said some words for ukrainian people: “I want to appeal to the people now!  Nothing can save you against Yanukovych’s affairs if you wouldn’t understand that in Ukraine the criminal gang (mafia) rules. I am convinced either people revolt and  out the criminal gang on these elections or such handling (as now used to all who are in their possession) will be applied to everyone! In these days the whole country lives under the criminal authorities. The more people allow to do such things the worse everyone will experience a criminal power in his life.  Everybody knows that laws are neglected. That people are absolutely unfortunate. Here I feel this by myself, by my own life. It’s nothing in laws concerning the people’s rights and freedoms to make the Yanukovych’s mafia any significance. Enrichment (corruption etc.) is the only goal for them.  I can imagine again how disenfranchised every ukrainian citizen is in criminal country. Nobody can trust in laws, in enforcement agencies, in courts because all is controlled by mafia group.”
She also added about her situation: “Everyday not just only psychological pressure is apllied but the hellish conditions are made for me. It’s conscious and intentional action. It’s directly Yanukovych’s affair”