Yesterday Viktor Yanukovych’s government introduced a draft law on amnesty that would ban amnesty for persons convicted of abuse of power or embezzlement, misappropriation or property obtained through abuse of office if done in a large scale or by an organized group. So, draft law on amnesty was written purposely to keep Yulia Tymoshenko and others political prisoners in jail. Sergiy Vlasenko (Tymoshenko’s lawer) said that:

Yanukovych’s regime is maintaining an absolutely clear line of political repression. They’re not going to stop or even take a half-step backwards. The introduction of this bill in this version is further proof of this. He is so afraid of her. There is already a third gate. They even proposed that I take off my watch and leave it at the entrance. This is schizophrenia that they don’t want to end. Today’s statement that nobody should tell them what to do is a gangster mentality from the 1990s. That’s why they don’t understand European values or the job of a European president, that’s why he doesn’t understand how the situation should develop in a democratic European country.

He also proclaims that Yulia Tymoshenko will not ask Viktor Yanukovych for amnesty: “Only a person that committed a crime can ask for amnesty. Yulia Tymoshenko didn’t commit any crimes. From a formal legal point of view Yanukovych doesn’t need Tymoshenko’s statement requesting amnesty. He needs to issue one decree restoring the October 2010 version of the decree on amnesty procedures, and the second decree with his decision. He only needs two seconds for this “