Eugenia Tymoshenko (Yulia Tymoshenko’s daughter) arrived in London to announce that she will file an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights against her mother’s “brutal” imprisonment which prevented her from contesting the election. Eugenia Tymoshenko said that her mother was being watched and videoed 24 hours of the day in her prison hospital, even in the bathroom, and that the regime had “grotesquely invaded her privacy by uploading film of her hospital treatment to the internet”.

Eugenia Tymoshenko said that the objective of the current Yanukovich regime had been to rig the elections and deny Ukrainian voters their right to vote in order to achieve a majority in Parliament so that he could change the constitution and have Parliament (where his party would have a majority) choose the President rather than the public. She said it was vital for the future of Ukrainian democracy to maintain the Presidency as an elected office. The seven year sentence on her mother had been designed by the regime to stop her from standing in the Presidential elections due in 2015. Ms Tymoshenko said that her mother had gone on hunger strike to protest against the regime’s plans to destroy democracy and against the rigging of the elections.

Eugenia Tymoshenko’s lawer, Geoffrey Robertson QC of Doughty Street Chambers, said that a decision in her favour by the European Court would force Ukraine to release her, or else Ukraine risked suspension from membership of the Council of Europe.

Mr Robertson said that the appeal to the European Court would be based firstly on the fact that Ms Tymoshenko had committed no offence of a kind penalised in any other European country and which had involved no wrongdoing and no allegation of corruption or dishonesty. Secondly, she had been sentenced by a “lickspittle judge” who was intimidated by the prosecutors and who passed a “cruel and absurd” sentence of seven years imprisonment and a fine of $186 million plainly intended to stop her from leading her party which even without her obtained 25% of the vote in last month’s election. He said that Ukraine had a Stalinist system and the lack of judicial independence was proved by the fact that they had an “incredible” 99.8% conviction rate. If the European Court upheld the appeal the Government would be obliged to release Ms Tymoshenko otherwise it would likely be suspended from the Council of Europe.

Mr Robertson also explained that videoing of  Yulia Tymoshenko’s hospital treatment and uploading films to the internet was the subject of an urgent application to the European Court to require the government to stop “publicizing details of her medical treatment and invading her privacy.”

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