Daughter of  jailed ukrainian ex-PM talked about parliamentary elections in Ukraine on Channel 4. She told that opposition wants “to make sure that justice is served for candidates who stood from the opposition. But their victories have been stolen.” Eugenia Tymoshenko said that the undemocratic character of the election campaign was marked in reports of international observer missions.

The announcer asks if Eugenia believe that anything could be addressed to President
in terms of her concerns. Eugenia said that any kind of signal, which was send to Yanukovych’s regime for last two years, wasn’t heard. She told that Yulia Tymoshenko “will go on the hunger strike till the justice is found and true elections results is voiced by the central election comission”.

The announcer inquired to Eugenia: “There are lots of ukrainians as well who say that your mother and her acolytes have made many mistakes and have been guilty of wrongdoing as well. Do you accept? Wrongdoing is been by your sight”

Eugenia recalled about  european gas crisis in 2009. She told “this political decision (that she made that she negotiated that stopped european gas crisis that poured gas back into ukrainian homes, into european homes) have been criminalized according to the old stalinist laws that are used and been abused by the regime in our very-very much dependent judiciary system. Prosecutor works together with judges to accuse her of something she hasn’t even done.” She added about accusations in corruption: “There’s an old one. There is no one word of corruption, of private gain in her accusation in the witnesses statements. And that’s exactly what Yanukovych spend millions and months to researching her activity as prime minister. They never found the one penny of corruption”