Tochter warnt vor Vernichtung von Julia Timoschenko

On December 6-7, Eugenia Tymoshenko, daughter of imprisoned former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, participates in the Polish-German-Ukrainian forum “Ukraine after the 2012 Parliamentary Elections” (Warsaw, Poland). She said a few words for polish radio about problems that she tries to solve:

One is, of course, to get European court of human rights decision on the release of our loved ones. The second one is to get help from the democratic world to stop authoritarian regime been built in Ukraine. And third, logical, is to lobby for application of restrictive measures to those high officials who are dealing in corruption and who are causing these repressions


Later Eugenia Tymoshenko, in her speech on forum, urged leaders and representatives of civil society in the European Union to help Ukraine in the fight against the authoritarian regime

All of us in Ukraine every day need real freedom, real democracy, real European values and really honest elections! We need conditions for constructing European living standards! We need for a government that genuinely seeks to build a country! So we ask you, the influential European leaders, politicians and journalists, help us, Ukrainian, get rid of the authoritarian regime and not legalize it.

According to her democracy in Ukraine in danger. Everyone can see the phenomenon of “corruption family”, pressure on independent media, persecution of journalists and the imprisonment of oppositions leader to isolate them from participation in key political events and the ruling party to remain in power